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Palmeri Group is a family-owned business with a long tradition of serving Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. We take pride in delivering home heating oil, bulk water, excavation and hauling needs as well as our bussing systems to keep our communities running on time!

Shuttle for weddings or special events. School buses and more! We get people where they need to go!

General excavating, Hauling, Septic system excavation, Drainage solutions, Foundations, Driveway digging and replacement and Final grading.

Swimming Pools, Water Fountains, Gardening Tanks, Hot Tubs, Landscaping Ponds, Cisterns, Dry well filling, Water tank or bladder resources and Industrial use.

High-quality and on-time heating fuel deliveries to residential customers.

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About Us

We’re a family-owned transportation company, and we think of our passengers as one of our own. Since 1960, our safe driving record, excellent maintenance and efficient scheduling has served the community, shuttling children to and from school and extracurricular activities.

Transportation Careers

The Palmeri fleet has grown by delivering timely, reliable service, trip after trip and route by route. Today, we operate several dozen buses in several area school districts, and we offer many unique transportation career opportunities.